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Promoting Awareness in the Concrete Industry

The Concrete Contractors Association of Greater Chicago was formed in 1939 by dedicated contractors to gain appropriate professional identity in the construction industry, and to collectively pursue goals to raise their performance especially on a qualitative basis. The work of the CCA is to accumulate current and vital information and provide it to its members in order that they might maintain their status as major producers in the construction industry. This information is provided through bulletins, joint sponsored demonstrations and other mediums. Mutual respect of the hard working membership of the Concrete Contractors Association is the reason the CCA is successful.

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Educational Training & Special Events
8:30 A.M. CCA Board Meeting Wed. 11.18.2020
Merry Christmas Fri. 12.25.2020
Happy New Year Fri. 01.01.2021
8:00am CCA Board Meeting Thu. 02.11.2021
6:00 P.M. 2021 Annual General Membership Meeting Wed. 04.21.2021
6:00pm 65th Annual Smoker - Not this year (see you in May 2021) Wed. 05.05.2021
8:30am CCA Board Meeting Thu. 05.13.2021
7:30 A.M. Registration 8:59 A.M. Shotgun Start 8:59 2021 Annual CCAGC Golf Outing Wed. 08.11.2021
11:30 A.M. CCA Board Meeting Thu. 08.19.2021

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